Aalto University Energy Science Initiative
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Multi-Disciplinary Studies

Multi-Disciplinary Energy Studies (Master-level)

In spring 2014, a minor for Master education, Multi-Disciplinary Energy Studies, was launched as a joint-effort of six chairs from three Aalto schools. Unlike in most energy education with a narrow focus, this minor will offer a multidimensional view into energy to tackle the complexity of energy in a new way. By linking key subjects and high-caliber people in science and engineering, economics and business, social sciences and human behavior to energy, the minor will form a unique integrative approach to energy, something what the society and business requires increasingly in the coming year.

The introductory course  “Multi-disciplinary energy perspectives” started in January 2014 with 35 students; winter 2017 course is attended by 80 students. The new M.Sc. minor is now fully operational and it is also linked to the Energy Garage initiative.

More information can be obtained from Professor Peter Lund or from Aalto University Minors Guide -> Multi-Disciplinary Energy Studies

Energy Garage (students)

The Garage is a place where you can discuss, educate, build, test, interact, and have fun in energy subjects.  Faculty and companies will also collaborate here with students.

The first phase of “Energy Garage” was finished in collaboration with the Aalto Design Factory in June 2013 providing a blueprint for the platform. The aim was to create a learning and innovation platform, and to increase the  interaction between Aalto students and faculty, and the business world. 

The Energy Garage was officially opened in October 2014. The EG is run by the SCI faculty in collaboration with students. The space for the EG is in the K4 block (next to ADD Cafe) in Otaniemi.

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